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num and num# format

hey everyone,

i have this doubt.maybe a silly one! i know about the num and num# functions and how they work.but i'm confused when i have to specify the format.what i mean is '00' or '0.00' is fine,but what's the use of '#' in there.how do you i use that to specify various formats?

thanking you,

kunal bhattcharjee

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Re: num and num# format

you can read these about format


or try yourself in the number tab

make a listbox with some values (eg mine is  =valuelist(7, 0.7) ), change format and apply to see the result in listbox and format in format pattern


Re: num and num# format


here's an explanation from the QV help file:


  • To denote a specific number of digits, use the symbol "0" for each digit. 
  • To denote a possible digit, use the symbol "#". If the format contains only #'s to the left of the decimal point, numbers less than 1 begin with a decimal point. 
  • To mark the position of the thousands separator or the decimal separator, use the thousands separator and the decimal separator.

hope this helps



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Re: num  and num# format


can you elaborate the second point with an example?

thanking you,

kunal bhattacharjee

Re: num and num# format

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