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plz : its urjent .i have sql querry how to convert that sql query into qlik view script

i have  sql querry how to convert that sql querry into qlik view script  major doubt in inline view

the   sl querry  :

SELECT pppm.assignment_id assignment_id/*Join Identifier to 01_Person_Assignment*/

     , popm.org_payment_method_name NAME

     , ppt.payment_type_name TYPE

     , pppm.priority priority

     , (SELECT pbt.currency_code

          FROM pay_defined_balances pdb

             , pay_balance_types pbt

         WHERE pdb.defined_balance_id = popm.defined_balance_id

           AND pdb.balance_type_id = pbt.balance_type_id) balance_currency

     , pppm.amount balance_amount

     , pppm.percentage percentage

     , popm.currency_code payment_currency

     , bank_kff.segment_name bank_details_segment_name

     , DECODE (bank_kff.segment_column

             , 'SEGMENT1', pea.segment1

             , 'SEGMENT2', pea.segment2

             , 'SEGMENT3', pea.segment3

             , 'SEGMENT4', pea.segment4

             , 'SEGMENT5', pea.segment5

             , 'SEGMENT6', pea.segment6

             , 'SEGMENT7', pea.segment7

             , 'SEGMENT8', pea.segment8

             , 'SEGMENT9', pea.segment9

             , 'SEGMENT10', pea.segment10

             , 'SEGMENT11', pea.segment11

             , 'SEGMENT12', pea.segment12

             , 'SEGMENT13', pea.segment13

             , 'SEGMENT14', pea.segment14

             , 'SEGMENT15', pea.segment15

             , 'SEGMENT16', pea.segment16

             , 'SEGMENT17', pea.segment17

             , 'SEGMENT18', pea.segment18

             , 'SEGMENT19', pea.segment19

             , 'SEGMENT20', pea.segment20

             , 'SEGMENT21', pea.segment21

             , 'SEGMENT22', pea.segment22

             , 'SEGMENT23', pea.segment23

             , 'SEGMENT24', pea.segment24

             , 'SEGMENT25', pea.segment25

             , 'SEGMENT26', pea.segment26

             , 'SEGMENT27', pea.segment27

             , 'SEGMENT28', pea.segment28

             , 'SEGMENT29', pea.segment29

             , 'SEGMENT30', pea.segment30

              ) bank_details_segment_value

     , pppm.effective_start_date effective_start_date

     , pppm.effective_end_date effective_end_date

     ,pppm.last_update_date lastupddt

  FROM pay_personal_payment_methods_f pppm

     , pay_org_payment_methods_f popm

     , pay_payment_types ppt

     , pay_external_accounts pea

     , (SELECT str.id_flex_code, str.id_flex_num

             , seg.segment_name segment_name

             , seg.application_column_name segment_column

          FROM fnd_id_flex_structures str

             , fnd_id_flex_segments seg

             , fnd_application appln

         WHERE str.id_flex_code = 'BANK'

           AND str.enabled_flag = 'Y'

           AND str.application_id = appln.application_id

           AND appln.application_short_name = 'PAY'

           AND str.application_id = seg.application_id

           AND str.id_flex_code = seg.id_flex_code

           AND str.id_flex_num = seg.id_flex_num

           AND seg.enabled_flag = 'Y'

           AND seg.display_flag = 'Y') bank_kff

     --, per_all_assignments_f paaf

WHERE pppm.org_payment_method_id = popm.org_payment_method_id

   AND pppm.effective_start_date BETWEEN popm.effective_start_date

                                     AND popm.effective_end_date

   AND popm.payment_type_id = ppt.payment_type_id

   AND pppm.external_account_id = pea.external_account_id

   AND pea.id_flex_num = bank_kff.id_flex_num  

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Honored Contributor II

Re: plz : its urjent .i have sql querry how to convert that sql query into qlik view script

Why do u want to change the query to qlikview..?

is there any specific requirement.

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Re: plz : its urjent .i have sql querry how to convert that sql query into qlik view script

Hi Karthik,

You can run the same query in Qlikview editor itself. No need to convert the query. While doing so make sure that you have remove the unwanted comments or text.

Note: You have to start like this in Qlikview editor

SQL Select ...............

Paste your query and run.


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