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powershell command to export TB01 to csv?

Hi All, is there a powershell command to export TB01 from a qvw to a csv? (or any format really)

We're using nprinting16 for more complex stuff like getting tables and pictures onto powerpoints and fullblown reports, but one of our teams just needs a csv off TB01 from some qlikviews they were using to restructure excel worksheets from legacy clients.  They built a powershell to move the files from sftp to where they are needed and wonder if they can expand the powershell to export TB01 from their qlikviews as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: powershell command to export TB01 to csv?

AFAIK that's not possible and you will need a vbs macro-routine for it: Export to CSV Macro which could be included into an OnReload-Trigger of these qvw or from an externally vbs-script which both could be triggered from a powershell: Powershell and QlikView

Whereby if I understand it right you want export a tablebox which means these data are already available on the script-level - you might need an additionally load to merge the data into one single table - and therefore you could create these csv during the load-process per: store csvTable into csvTable.csv (txt);

- Marcus

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