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problem in testing qlick view file

hi friends,

I  am very new to qlick view.so my task is to test the reports in qlick view, i am testing the report i getting the error on report when compared to database.can anyone give me solution .

i have test the reports by unit testing ,i.e total of value of particular field in the report to database.

i am getting the error like when i check the reports for years from 2007 to 2014,i am getting error in 2013 onwards, before year of 2013 i am getting the  correct values and after the 2013 the value is different.

can anyone give me solutions

Thanks in advance,

praveen kumar

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Re: problem in testing qlick view file

Are your source database in fixed state? Does any possibility for data changing for 2013,2014 years in the database?

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Re: problem in testing qlick view file

Hi Praveen,

It is difficult to tell you why it is not matching, instead of validating at year dig through to the low level like TransactionID, Product, Branch, Month, Day and validate whether any records are missing in Dashboard and compare with database.

Hope this helps you.



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Re: problem in testing qlick view file

do one thing load data from 2013 onwards and check it out
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Re: problem in testing qlick view  file

thank you for your response,

I am checking it with first to last ,i think i was missing the mapping.finally i got it.