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problems about straight table

Hi ,

I met a problem when i made a straight table.

The background is that there is a group with ten team members, and each of them has success or failure on solving cases. I made a straight table to display the success cases the handled and the success rate. The cases are divided into three kinds but i only want to calcluate two of them, so i need a straight table.   I use my expression but the results are the same for everyone--no individual result. And the dimension is set to 'member'

Here is the expression:

= num ( count ({<group={'a'},group={'b'},status={'success'},member=>} caseID)


   count ({<group={'a'},group={'b'},status=,member=>} ), '#,##0.00%')

Could you please help me on this?

Many thanks and thanks in advance!

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Re: problems about straight table


I think you need this:

=Count({<group={'a','b'}, status={'success'}, member=>} caseID)


Count ({<group={'a','b'}, status=, member=>} caseID)

In the Properties | Number tab, set the format to the format string you used in Num() and check the % option.



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Re: problems about straight table

Hi Jonathan,

it seems that i didn't make my problem clear..it still has the same result..

but thanks for your reply~



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