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"Execution of script failed", storing data into QVD file.


I try to retrieve specific fields with an SQL. However, when I want to store the data into a QVD, my script fails and indicates :

"Execution of script failed" with no other error message.

I tried to run the script for a limited amount of time (1 months instead of 12) and data ("First 100" in script), in the debug tool.

At the end of the script that I run step by step, I get that the script is "finished" and no errors have occurred. Of course, once I close the debug tool, the same notification is there with "Execution of script failed".

Attached, you will find my script.

Thank you in advance for your precious help.


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Re: "Execution of script failed", storing data into QVD file.

This error usually indicates that the directory you are STORing to does not exist. STORE will not create the directory, it must already exist.




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