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"Less than" matching in Apply Map


Is it possible to use some sort of approx matching in apply maps? Basically what I want is to match on dates, but sometimes the date in my main table isn't present in the mapping table, so I would want to take the closest date in the past and use the value against that. Is this possible? Doesn't necessarily have to be done with apply map if there is a better option.


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Re: "Less than" matching in Apply Map


I think you may have a couple of options

1. Use interval match functionality to apply date ranges.(See QV Help)  This could possibly be built dynamically using the date list to determine start and end date ranges using the previous function.

2. Use the Autogenerate functionality to build a continuous list of dates - see Master Calendar elsewhere.

Ive highlighted the key words to look for in help or the community but if you attached some sample data I or others could look at a solution for you.

KRegs  John

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