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save document


i want to use /l switch to reload my document in command line. you know that this switch cant save document after reload

i want to use some macro that automaticlly save document after the script had run

how can i do it?

i found some that should use them in (on post reloat) trigger but i can't fix them

can any one give me some example

my edition is : personal

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Re: save document

Any reason why you are not using the /r switch?

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Re: save document

hi swuehl

because i use qvgaurd for set lisence on my document

for this plan when i use /r switch my document when want to update will face this error:

" There was a problem accessing the licencing system. Please ensure that you have downloaded the free QlikGuard Client (www.QlikGuard.com) AND enabled system access for your QlikView macros."

but when i use /l switch this error will not appear and it will be work ok

but this switch cant save document after reload it

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