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several version of order, load last one

Hi guys,

I have several version of some orders,


Version 1: inquiry

version 2: passing

version 3: delivery

... ->versionnr

so, my  intention is to get the last version.

there is a key: ArticleNr, and others like description, amount, ...

so, how can I tell in script, that Qlikview only import the lastes version of each Articlenr?


Load ArticleNr where MaxString(versionr),

     description, amount ...

I hope you can understand this

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Re: several version of order, load last one


LOAD ArcticleNr, max(versionnr) as versionnr

FROM ....source...

GROUP BY ArticleNr;

left join(Data)

LOAD ArcticleNr, versionnr, ...other fields...

FROM ...source...;

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