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someone can help me?

This function not work very well. Is always 0 or 1 and is not able to do the subtotal. Someone knows why?

num#(ENTRY_DATE)<num#(if(weekday(today())='Mo', date(today()-10), if(weekday(today())='Sa',date(today()-9), date(today()-8)))),

          nullcount(MISSION_OPEN), 0 )

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Re: someone can help me?

Weekday returns 3 letter week name. try using Mon where you have Mo and Sat where you have Sa



Honored Contributor

Re: someone can help me?

the right part of your Expression work correct  (<num#....)

I tested it

what with your first Expression num#(ENTRY_DATE) or nullcount(MISSIONM_OPEN)??

Contributor III

Re: someone can help me?

Hi Alfonso,

Test you function Weekday() to verify which language parameters are setting in your script.

The set statement is used for defining Script Variables.

In French :

SET DayNames='lun.;mar.;mer.;jeu.;ven.;sam.;dim.';

Have fun with QV,


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