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$sync after exit script

I get a $sync error after my script is finished. I have hard coded the 'exit script' but the log files shows the $sync error after that, as does the script progress window.

Any ideas why this happens?

And what could be the solution?

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Re: $sync after exit script

There must be some synthetic keys occuring in your script.

$Sync error won't come because of Exit Script.

Check for the Synthetic keys.


Re: $sync after exit script


You are likely seeing an out of memory condition while constructing the synthetic keys.

To check this, open the edit script window,  and click Debug. Then click on Limited Load and select a number (say 100) and click run to execute the script. After it has completed (you might get a data loop error), check the data model by clicking Ctrl-T.  Now you should be able to see the synthetic keys that QV is constructing.



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Re: $sync after exit script


Look at this Blog. It is a great article on synthetic Keys.


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