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the last date of loading data

hi all,

can anyone please tell me how to get  date of the last loading of values from database (the last update)

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Re: the last date of loading data

if you mean the time of QlikView load you can use the function

ReloadTime( )

Returns a timestamp for when the script last finished reexecuting.

if you mean the last time a record in a db table was updated/inserted, you need an ad hoc field in the db table


In script, ReloadTime() returns the end time of the previous reload

For start time of the script you can use a variable at the beginning of the script

LET startofthescript = now(1);          // 1 Time at function call

Re: the last date of loading data

Create a variable at the end of your script:

vLastReload = Now();

now the next time you reload, vLastReload will be the timestamp of when your last reload finished.

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