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update data in qvd file

Hi guys,

please help me, i need to update existing data stored on qvd file, my source data(sql server db) every night has new record to load e some of existing data(just loaded previusly) updated.

Now i' have to load new data a updated data changed just loaded.

my actual solution to load new data is to apply incremental load by using qvd file, but i don't know how to update data changed just loaded on qvd file.

is there a type of qv license or a good way that permit to make update ?

is it necessary using qvd method ?

thx a lot.

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update data in qvd file


You can find the detailed example in the Qlikview Reference Manual or Qlikview Help file,

You can refer this topic in Qlikview Help file under the topic "Using QVD files for incremental load" Case 3.  There is a brief explanation with an example.

Hope this helps you.



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Re: update data in qvd file


Refer the below attached file that helps to do incremental load

Sivaraj S

Re: update data in qvd file

See also:


And see the QV Cookbook http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/ for an updated version of the incrementalLoad.qvw file referenced in Sivaraj's post.



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