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variables defined in script


I like to define my variables in script, in case my qvw gets screwed (and I find it more easy to make changes after that).

So I define them like this for instance :

set comite_init = NUM(LEFT($(comite),4),'0000')   & '01';

But in the case there are $ sign expansions in the variable, qv replace it with the value of the other $() variable.

How do i get to write :

set year_plus_1 = $(this_year) + 1

without qv transforming it into 2013+1



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Re: variables defined in script

This works:

set year_plus_1 = @(this_year) + 1;

let year_plus_1 = replace(year_plus_1,'@','$');

Or simply like this:

let year_plus_1 = '$' & '(this_year) + 1';

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