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won't recognise the Null value in a text file

I have a text file (attached) that I am loading in as a fixed width table as below:

LOAD @1:40,




(fix, codepage is 1252);

however QlikView is unable to read the NULL values in the file which I need it to recognise otherwise the fixed width boundaries don't work. Opening it in Notepad++ I can see the NULL values, so I dont know why QlikView can't see them.

can anyone help?

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Re: won't recognise the Null value in a text file

Try opening it in Excel, and you'll see how QlikView  is reading it the same way.

I feel that you might have to perform some data manipulation if you are in a hurry.


Re: won't recognise the Null value in a text file

Hi Adam,

I know this is an old thread, but I have just hit the exact same problem and I was wondering if you found a way around it?

I have pushed back on the data provider to clean their extract process, but even then I have historical files I need to read.

I guess I can parse the files with a VBScript and replace the null values with spaces, but this seems like a large overhead.

Thanks in advance.


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