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Access Point Issues

We are using a brand new server with QVS 10 installed few months ago. But some times my server acts really crazy, we cant even call it a issue, looks like Server is playing a prank at users, a little costly one.

  1. After logging in sometimes it show NO DOCUMENTS  and show all the documents after refreshing the browser.
  2. We have designed Section access and based on the NTNAME of user a banner in home page displays user name(manually entered into a different table). Some times user view different names.
  3. All of a sudden it declares that the admin person doesnt have access to the dashboard, which is the most scariest.
  4. kickingout users from dashboard while reloading(we have hourly reloads scheduled during day times) is a very common phenomenon.

Has anyone come across similar situation. Do you have any idea why this is happening or how to solve such problem.