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Another issue with SA


I have developed a new Approach to all the SAs we Need, which seems to work and will probably save us a lot of time - there is an INCLUDE now which loads from a qvd, which in turn is made from a crosstable where we will stepwise build an overview of which user has what type of Access to what. When that qvd is up to date (there is a "Generator" to renew it whenever something new has been entered into that Excel_crosstable), then the INCLUDE just loads it and creates the SA_table from it.

The potential issue is to do with our "development_Standards": When a productive app is to be altered in any way, the Standard Approach is to create a copy with a Suffix (the Initials of the developer and the date) and move it to the development_area - before ever reloading it.

=> If that Standard is really adhered to, nothing should happen - unless someone renames the productive Version of an app and then reloads it - BEFORE copying it ;-) That is something that noone in this Position should even consider - but who knows, shit happend ...

=> So, can we somehow enter a "fallback solution" to make sure that at least one of us can still open an app even if, according to the SA, no one can open it anymore?

awhitfield‌, do you think this could be achieved using that Special "key_app" from your method?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Another issue with SA


I have thought about this and there is an Option that should really make this foolproof - well, we won't put that to the test ;-) - there is the function >> Documenttitle() <<, which, other than >> Documentname() <<, queries the Name of an app which you can enter in the "Document_properties". That always stays the same, no matter what Suffix you append to the filename, so the SA should Keep working throughout our standardized development_procedure - given there is an entry in that field in every app - but since we have to roll out this new SA_approach one app at a time anyway, that is just one more step to take - to enter the Name of the app (which should be identical to the filename without any Suffixes).