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Data Lineage

Hi All

Please could you assist me in extracting the Data lineage for the models in my environment.

I do see this is available in the Governance model but I need a much lighter version of this.

I require the source, Tables,Qvds connections strings as it is in the governance model, but only this.

I see that the governance model gets the data from the QVPR folder,  I have gone through all the XML docs and cant seem to find this particular data, is there perhaps a lite version of the model out there with only this data or could you advise how I could extract only this portion as the governance model takes way to long to reload in my environment.



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Re: Data Lineage

Data Lineage is actually coming from the QVW files, if you open a QVW in NotePad++ or another text editor and scroll down toward the bottom of the file you will see all the meta data of the QVW file there, that is from where the Governance Dashboard is getting the information.

The QVPR contains configuration information as well as all the base app and task information only for the most part.  


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