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Governance Dashboard - Server Statistics


I've downloaded the Governance Dashboard but server statistics aren't pulling through.

The "Applications" sections looks to be working fine but the "Operations" sections don't really have any data in.

I've attached a screenshot of the Dashboard and also the Configuration tab for reference.

Any help appreciated.


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Re: Governance Dashboard - Server Statistics

Two suggestions/questions:

1) Verify that the PUblisher datetime format is correct (as declared on the configuration page in the app). This format is found in a TaskResults...xml file in the Distribution Service log folder.

2) Are the Server and Distribution Service logs located in the C:\ of the machine where you are reloading the Governance Dashboard?  If not, be sure to use the correct UNC path to those folders.

For more details on what is getting loaded and what other reload challenges you might be having, refer to the Scan Details page in the Governance Dashboard app.