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Hiding Variables and Use of Section Access


I'm using variables for licensing my qv module.

for example i'm using a variable storing a date in it, and then i check with vb code the value of it to determine if a license is ok or not.

If Important, i'm using section access also in my qlikview module.

I ran through a problem, and it is that every use can see the variables and even edit it's values.

Can I hide a specific variable or it's value?

Can I stop a user from going the the menu and select Variable Overview option etc.?

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Re: Hiding Variables and Use of Section Access

Have the same problem

Re: Hiding Variables and Use of Section Access

Here is the interesting thing from Help:

In this three-column list the names of all non-hidden variables and their respective values are displayed.

It mentions non-hidden variables, which tells me there is a means to hide them, but I am not sure what that is, the only thing I have been able to find is the HidePrefix and HideSuffix, but those make no direct reference to variables, only fields, so I do not know if they will work or not, but that is likely the only possible option I see at the moment:



Sorry I do not have anything better, but this gives you something to at least try, hopefully it may work with variables as well.


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