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Mount a folder in management console

Hi All,

I am new to the administration side of qlikview. I have a problem to mount a folder in QMC.

I try to mount a Unix based network shared storage with user/pass for the access to it. When I try trough the explorer it is ok - I even created a mapped network drive with it (trough my account - don't know if this is important) but when I try to mount it in the QMC with the absolute or relative path it says "Document mount .....Q: or \\servername\resourse..... does not exist."

I know that the share should be Windows-based otherwise it could create unstable environment but this is only for testing purposes.

When I try to find it with the browse option in 'my network place' don't see it either.

Is it possible to mount a unix based network storage or maybe I have different problem?

Is it possible to mount a shared storage through a created mapped network drive and how the storage security and qv are combined (i mean the user/pass access to the share)? 

Thank you in advance!



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Re: Mount a folder in management console

I dont think you can mount unix storage in QMC.

Re: Mount a folder in management console

Hi Radoslava,

Mounted folders in QlikView are not exactly what mounting a volume in UNIX is (attaching filesystems from different devices). First, QlikView only supports Windows NTFS (not NAS - CIFS for the time being).

Second, a mounted folder makes sense as long as AccessPoint always shows all QVW files within a folder and all its subfolders. So if you set "C:\" as your root folder, the AccessPoint will look for all QVW files in your entire hard disk. So for example, if you want to differentiate what your Marketing users see from what your Finance users see, you create two different mounted folders Marketing and Finance, and distribute to each folder their corresponding files applying their corresponding permissions.

And finally, always use UNC as the default way to access a shared folder in the network. Mapped drives may work, but some users may have restrictions or simply not the folder mapped, whereas the UNC path will work for all users, as long as they have permissions.

Hope that helps.



Re: Mount a folder in management console

Hi Radoslava,

When you want mount some folders, use the folder icon.

It will be easier to get the good Path, like below:

Have fun with QV,


New Contributor III

Re: Mount a folder in management console


You can also create a symbolic linked directory using the " mklink /D " command.

This create a directory on you local drive that is a shortcut to the shared folder.

That way QMC will see you share.

Note : some thread said that SMB share are not supported by QlikView, some say it is. A QlikView tech brief from 2012 said that only Windows File Share should be used.