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QView 11, IIS 8 & Shibboleth SSO

We've been attempting to deploy Qview 11 using IIS 8 on a 2012 server with the current Shibboleth SSO SP on the web server.

It redirects to the login server for our IDP correctly, I can authenticate and then when it redirects back to the Qlikview page it fails to login.

Our current settings on the Authentication page are:

Authentication:     Always

Type:                    Header

Header name:     HTTP_UID

Prefix:                nothing in this parameter, not sure what if anything is needed here.

Login Address:     Default login page (not sure if this needs to change either)

DMS is also enabled, not NTFS


Anonymous Authentication is enabled for all Qview apps and Windows Authentication is disabled for all apps including the Authenticate.aspx file as directed by our Qlik architect.

App Pools are all under a domain ID created to run Qlik with all necessary rights (I believe), .Net 4 Integrated

IIS logs haven't been very helpful at all and we were able to use Fiddler to spoof HTTP_UID and populate it with "TEST" in Fiddler which worked perfectly but using the return from our Shibboleth IDP is apparently not giving it what it expects?

Any assistance would be smashing as we're really hoping to get this rolling a.s.a.p.

thank you!

Justin Wood

University of Virginia

Enterprise Storage and Computing Platforms

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