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QlickView 11 - Folder Permission Issue

Hello all,

I have an issue that effects a single user in our organisation.

The user is only able to open half of the .qvw files in a folder. If she tries to open some of the files (which seem to be 2014 and 2015 files) she gets an error message stating that the file cannot be opened. She is correctly in the AD groups and her security permissions and inherited policies have been checked.



She can navigate to the UNC share. \\server\QlikTech\Documents\Month End Snapshots\reports and she can see all of the files (and the QlikView files are correctly associated with the QlikView icon)


When she tries to open the file in either the QlikView application or directly in explorer the following error messages are displayed.



Any help would be very much appreciated on this issue. If more information is needed please let me know

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Re: QlickView 11 - Folder Permission Issue

Are the security settings on the qlikview file properly inherited from the parent folder? Does the qlikview file contain section access?

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Re: QlickView 11 - Folder Permission Issue

I believe an issue with NTFS/file permissions would produce an error when opening the document that says 'Failed to open document'

The 'Access denied to the QlikView document' often indicates that section access is what is restricting the user from opening the qvw.

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Re: QlickView 11 - Folder Permission Issue


Check if the affected user has exactly the same rights than a user able to open the qvw and if the affected user are member of some group that have Deny rights over the qvw if so then remove it form there.

Also check that qvw's have inherited righst from parents.

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