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QlikView Section Access

Hi All,

Does the 'prohibit Binary load ' prevent someone from making changes to section access. Is there any security concerns if this option is not enabled?


Thanks & Regards,

Sharath Panackal

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Re: QlikView Section Access

"Prohibit Binary load" prevents users from using the qvw as a data source. Using the qvw as a binary load data source will give the user full access to the data regardless of your section access setup.

It is strongly recommended that you tick the Prohibit Binary Load box securing your data when using section access.
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Re: QlikView Section Access

I just wanted to add one point of clarification here, Vegar is correct, but I wanted to note that if the binary file has Section Access table in it, that is pulled into the new app as well, sometimes folks do not realize this is the case, but it is, any Section Access in the app you are using as the binary load app is pulled into your new app...

So in your use case, if the app you would be using as the binary load app has Section Access, that Section Access will be brought into the new app, now, the other caveat here is when you reload, and the reload completes, you can always see all the data regardless of section access at that point, until you save, close and reopen the app, the Section Access is not in place, just wanted to make that note as well, and this part is working as expected.  


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