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Section Access for a sheet

Can someone help me with the section access for a particular sheet.

I have made an inline table with access, ntname and password

also the sheet which i want to hide for the USER , there in the sheet properties I tried a conditional show - > =OSUser()

But its not working for me. The USER is still able to see that sheet.

Thanking everyone in anticipation

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Re: Section Access for a sheet

Have you check what OSUser() shows on this user? Condition 'Username'<>OSUser() to hide it. In document setting under security deactivate show all objects.


Re: Section Access for a sheet

its showing me the correct user. but hiding of sheet is not taking place. Do i need to add a 'Sheet Id'column in section access script and make its value as 1 or 0 for a particular user.? will that work ?

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