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Section Access w/ Groups using Custom Authentication

Our system is currently using a custom authentication scheme to authorize users access to access point.  Once we've authenticated a user through a third party application, we generate a webticket with a .Net App that submits userID and a set of groups to the QvSever (and we get the appropriate response back).  However, when we attempt to implement Section Accessby specifying access to data in the Section Access part of the load script, we find that the document doesn't get locked down by group.  We can lock it down by NTName, we can specify a username and password, but multiple attempts and implementing section access using groups fails. 

We've come across the following from a Qlikview Server and Publisher book that states that:

"“When using the NTLM (Windows authentication via Internet Explorer) authentication method, you can have Group Names listed in Section Access. However, when using alternative authentication (refer to Chapter 7, Alternative Authentication and Authorization Methods), Section Access does not give us an option to secure by group.”

Can anyone confirm that the above is true?  If not, has anyone experience implementing Section Access using Groups when combined with a custom Authentication Scheme (i.e. not Active Directory, LDAP, or Windows NTLM, etc).  Thanks for the help!

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