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Section access - only on specific tables

In my application I have 3 big databases in the center of the star-data model. These databases have to be fully loaded for each user that logs in.
At the edges of the data model customer specific datasets (3 different datasets) is linked to the databases.

I want to use section access in order to only show the customer specific datasets for the user that is logged in, but still show all data from the 3 big databases. The normal behavior of QlikView is to apply the section access through the whole datamodel (and only keep the intersection of the selections from different sides), but I want to limit the section access to specific tables at the edge of my data model.

Therefore my question is: how should I implement Section Access at different tables in my datamodel without limiting the data in the rest of the datamodel?

Hope you can provide me an answer or a good example!

Marijn Boerman

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