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Unable to disable section access

I recently implemented section access for a few applications accessible through our access point. The user list is imported from a spreadsheet on our server. Now, I have come to a situation where I want to save some unrestricted versions of the .qvw to prevent lockout. However, I seem to be doing something wrong.

For your information I do still have access to the qvw file, the password for the hidden sheet and the document with the list of users.

I want to be able to remove section access, but when I try to unrestrict the file by commenting out or deleting the hidden script, the file locks out all users from the access point. I had expected that deleting the section access tab would turn the file back to the state it had before getting section access. But from what I can see, it doesn't.

What am I missing?

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Re: Unable to disable section access

after deleting the section access part from the scrip also uncheck the initial data reduction and reload the document .

Note : everything do using Admin ID/ pwd .

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Re: Unable to disable section access

Hi Jakob,

Comment / Delete the Section Access code and Check this option

Settings Menu -> Document Properties -> Opening -> Uncheck Initial Data Reduction based on Section Access option.

Hope this helps you.




Re: Unable to disable section access

Hello Jakob,

You say you want to create 'unrestricted versions of the .qvw to prevent lockout.'

Instead of removing the section access have you considered added an 'admin override' by specifying a fixed user name and password in the section access table?