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Upgrade to Qlikview 12 initial release to Qlikview 12 SR7

We just completed an upgrade from Qlikview 12 initial release to Qlikview 12 SR7. THe upgrade was "in-place" on existing hardware. We now have two probems.

First our webticketing is no loneger working.  User get an access denied error.  some do get as far as getting to the access point, but they see no data.  Complicating things is we turned off TLS1.0.  I was told that SR7 worked with TLS1.1/1.2.   We re-enabled TLS1.0 on the threes servers involved and no luck.


The second issue is after upgrading, I now see an error in the QMC that says RealoadEngine@servername.net is down.  We do not use the reload engine.  We use Publisher to publish dashboards.  I checked my Publisher license and it is valid and up to date.

I'm not sure the two problems are related.  Any assistance would be greaty appriciated.


Not sure if the


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Re: Upgrade to Qlikview 12 initial release to Qlikview 12 SR7

Don't know about first issue but for Second issue, i have seen this service down in my QMC also.

But as far as i know it is not causing any issue in any Operation. right?




Re: Upgrade to Qlikview 12 initial release to Qlikview 12 SR7

ReloadEngine appears in unlicensed Publishers (either because there is no license at all or because the license needs to be updated or reapplied).


Since it is a major version upgrade, check your LEF PRODUCTLEVEL date, even if you have a maintenance agreement in place with Qlik this file might need to be updated. If the date is lower than today, contact Qlik Support and request them to update your LEF (it doesn't look your case, since your service is up and running, it most likely be a leftover from the installation or previous installation, but anyways always worth checking).


In our case, with the upgrade to 12.10 most settings in the QlikView WebServer (we are using IIS) were reset to their default, and we needed to set them up again. Among those is the authentication for each folder, while using webticketing check that "Anonymous Authentication" is Enabled (or whatever it should be according to your ticketing setup) in all folders of your Qlik site, as well as the account running the Application Pool (recommended, the same than the one running the QlikView services, but could be other local admin account).


Side suggestion, while you are at it, see if you can upgrade to a more recent version of 12 or November 2018 release, there are plenty of bugs fixed and it will be still under maintenance, in case of old versions, Qlik Support may ask you to first upgrade to the latest or more recent, then see if you can reproduce the issue and if so, they will release a patch).