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section access no Admin privileges

I need to restrict USER access to the User’s data.
Issue is when I reload the QVW I see all of the data. When I close the QVW and re-open it I see no data; as an ADMIN I should see everything.in the Data Model script:
LOAD Consultant,
[Permissions Group],
upper([USER ID]) as USERNAME

Dashboard Properties Opening tab:
Checked “Initial Data Reduction Based on Section Access
In the Dashboard script:
Section Access;
upper(ACCESS) as ACCESS,
upper(NTNAME) as NTNAME,
Resident AccessII;

Section Application;
'BBT-USER\' & upper([USER ID]) as NTNAME,
upper([USER ID]) as USERNAME
FROM $(vQVDPath)\Permissions.qvd(QVD)
WHERE 1=1;

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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: section access no Admin privileges

Jim, couple of key things to understand, when you run a reload, you are reloading all of the tables including Section Access, so you will have full access to everything following the reload until you save and reopen, this is working as expected.

Another key concept to understand, ADMIN access level is only enabled when opening the application in the Desktop Client, when you open things via QlikView Server, you are ALWAYS a USER regardless of whether you have ADMIN access in the Section Access table or not...

The next thing to understand is when using dynamic data reduction and reduction fields in the section access table, if your user ends up having no records in the reduction field, you will be locked out of the application on the QlikView Server, and you may in Desktop as well if Admin Override Security setting is not checked in the Document Properties Security tab settings as well I believe.  

Here are a bunch of links I hope you will find useful that should do a better job of explaining things than I can do here:

Help link:


Design Blog post:


Note on this one, there are three other Design Blog links at the bottom of that post dealing with dynamic reduction etc., so be sure to check those out as well.  If you have further questions after looking things over, shout back.


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