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Governance Dashboard 2.1.2 setup help

I need some clarification on how to set up the Governance Dashboard ("GD") and where/how it can be reloaded.  A year ago we tried out GD 2.0 and had it working but now when I want to use it or the upgraded 2.1.2 version, I am struggling.

We have our Publisher on server1 which is publishing our qvws to server2 which then presents the apps via Access Point.  (We have an extranet environment scenario.)  I thought I could just place the GD.qvw on server1 in my Source Documents, make sure all the source paths are correct on the Configuration tab of GD, set up a QMC task to distribute BUT NOT reload the app so it distributes to server2, and then be able to go to Access Point and launch the GD app and reload the data.  This method was not successful and I'd like to know why.  (My QMC task does not reload because I'm avoiding having to allow access to the necessary source paths on server2 the have the data I want to reload.) 

1) Does the GD.qvw have to reside on the server where Publisher is?

2) Should we be able to reload the GD from Access Point?

3) Should I be able to just copy the GD.qvw to my server2 and run it from the client/desktop tool on an as needed basis (no QMC task)?

Thank you for your help.

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Digital Support
Digital Support

I actually responded to this one via a support case yesterday, but I promised I would follow-up when I ran across the post here on Community as well.  Firstly, I would recommend using the latest version, which is 2.1.4 and can be found here:


Here is the Help link for the Governance Dashboard as well that should have about all the information you need to get things up and running and analyze the contents too:


Now to the questions:

No, the Dashboard can be anywhere the QDS can access it as a source document if you are using Publisher to do the reload etc.  Generally you would put the GDB app in with your other source documents, that is how most customers run things.

No, reloading applications from the AccessPoint is not a feature of the Accesspoint, the only way this would be possible is if you were to create an EDX trigger for the reload task in the Publisher side and then have a button in the application the users could click that would make a call to the EDX trigger to fire off the reload/distribution, but that is going to also require the users be a member of a local security group on the Publisher box too.


Yes, you could use the Desktop client to reload the GDB app on another server, here is some info regarding that:


You could use qv.exe -r in a Windows Scheduled Task at that point to reload it on a schedule.  Hopefully this will get you what you needed.


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