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How to check if QVW is published to access point

Hi all

I am trying to find the source data that would tell me if a QVW is published and available in the access point. I have checked various logs and the META file for the relevant QVWs - with no luck.

I know that by deleting/removing the setting in:

QMC > Documents > User Documents > ApplicationName.QVW > Authorization > Users Authorized to Access Document setting

the QVW will be visible and published to the access point.

We have a number of QVWs that we host in the User Documents folder, but dependant on user needs and server resources we remove/add them to the access point as per the above method. What I need is a log file/html file, etc source that has the access status of each of the QVWs in the user docs folder. Once we have this data we can then create an app that will read this info and allow us to quickly see what is published and what is not.

Any ideas are most welcome!

Further info:

Client Platform browser.msie illa/5.0 (windows nt 6.1

=== QlikView Server Info ==================

Build Number                  12.10.20000.0

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Re: How to check if QVW is published to access point

Removing/Deleting the item in the Authorization tab will not poublish a document or make it visible. On the contrary, the document will be unpublished for the users your remove/delete.

As to your original question: whether or not a particular user is allowed to view/open a particular document in the AccessPoint is a complex decision made by the QlikView server that depends on a number of factors:

  • Is the document distributed at all?
  • Is the document published to this user by the task or through a setting in the Authorizations tab (DMS mode)?
  • Does Section Access allow entry to this user?
  • If data reduction is enabled, does the data model contain any data after being reduced for this user?
  • Does the user have a license?
  • :

You see, availability and accessibility depend on both static and dynamic factors. There is no single file or configuration switch that determlines whether a particular user is allowed entry or not.

However, you can easily simulate this QlikView Server process up to a certain level by opening QMC->Users, entering a user name, clicking the magnifying glass icon, selecting the user in the list and navigating to the Documents tab. There you'll find a list of all documents that are available to this user.



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Re: How to check if QVW is published to access point

Thanks for the reply Peter.

My question is a rather simplier one I guess... where is the setting hosted/stored that reflects value in the Users Authorized to Access Document setting > User Type  (All Authenticated Users, All Users, Named Users)? I need this info in order to create the app to show this info for all our QVWs...

Thanks again, and I hope the above makes my query a bit clearer!

Re: How to check if QVW is published to access point

That should well be in the Meta file of each document. That's were all characteristics (including to whom it is published and available) of a particular published document are stored.

Note that these settings are not typically manipulated in the QMC, but are most often overridden by the task that reloads and distributes your document.