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How to create a Xpassword or Xuserid?

My connection did not automatically hide my user and password

so I got something like this:

OLEDB CONNECT TO [Provider=name_server.DataSource.1;Persist Security Info=False;


Data Source=brrio04;Protection Level=None;Extended Properties="";

Initial Catalog=D103BE2F;Transport Product=Client Access;SSL=DEFAULT;Force Translate=65535;

Default Collection=MY_USER_NAME;Convert Date Time To Char=TRUE;Catalog Library List="";Cursor Sensitivity=3;

Use SQL Packages=False;SQL Package Library Name="";SQL Package Name="";Add statements to SQL package=True;

Unusable SQL Package Action=1;Block Fetch=True;Data Compression=True;Sort Sequence=0;Sort Table="";Sort Language ID="";

Query Options File Library="";Trace=0;Hex Parser Option=0;Maximum Decimal Precision=31;Maximum Decimal Scale=31;Minimum Divide Scale=0;

Library List="";Naming Convention=0;Query Optimize Goal=0;Query Storage Limit=-1;Handle Numeric Data Errors=1;Keep Trailing Blanks=False;

Application Name=QvConnect64.EXE;Decfloat Rounding Mode=0;Decfloat Error Option=0;Client User ID="";Client WorkStation Name="";Client Program ID="";

Client Accounting="";Block Size=0; Password=MYPASSWORD];

I did a little research and found out that there is a scrambler called Xpassword and Xuserid, but mine is not working in this OLEDB connection.

I have marked down the Advanced Panel in which is written to encrypt my credentials.

Can any one help me??


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Re: How to create a Xpassword or Xuserid?

I am using QlikView 11 and ticking 'Scrample Connect User Credentials' in the Settings tab before establishing a connection created an XPassword.


Re: How to create a Xpassword or Xuserid?

You may have to create your Connection strings again after enabling the "Scramble Connect User Credentials" option. Existing CONNECT statements will not be modified just by flipping this option.

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Re: How to create a Xpassword or Xuserid?

Yes, mine is already checked and it works fine with SQL server, but when I'm connecting to a IBMDA400 it doesn't scramble my id or password ='((