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I forgot the access password of qvw file. How can I solve it?

A long time ago I created a qvw file. I used document encryption to write username and password in the script. Now I only remember username, password has been forgotten, three times password input error, Access denied to this QlikView document. Please help me solve this problem. I remember that there was a way to enter the script to view user name and password, but I remember I can't get up. Sincere thanks.
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I assume you've used "Section Access". If you've used ONLY "Username Table" (e.g. username/password) - this information is not stored in as a plain text, however if you have NT authentication enabled as well you can find it under <Section Access> tag in qvw xml description.

Hope this helps.



First, I confirm that user names and passwords are clearly written in the script, such as : load table [username, password User, 123] now only the qvw file, how should XML be obtained?

Ah, if it's not a hidden script, then try this


Recover application layout and script
  1. Open the QlikView Desktop client.
  2. Chose Help->About QlikView from the menu bar.
  3. Position the mouse pointer on top of the QlikView logo on the left down corner.
  4. Right -Click on the logo to open the Settings box .
  5. Scroll down the list and choose LayoutRescue.
  6. Type 1 on the value textbox.
  7. Click the set button.
  8. Select another variable on the list and then the LayoutRescue again and check that the value is still set to 1.
  9. Close the QlikView desktop client.
  10. Open the QlikView document with the QlikView Desktop client. If the process succeeds you will get the document back but without data.
  11. Save the document with a new name
  12. Repeat steps 2-10 this time with the setting ScriptRescue instead of LayoutRescue.
  13. If the process succeeds a file will be generated containing only the script.


Hope this helps.



This is a very good idea, but I use the qlikview 11 SR2 version, which only has the option of ScriptRescue in settings. I have set it to 1, but there is no LayoutRescue option in this version. I have tried it,But i have not bypassed authentication. I still don't see the script. Is there any other solution?

Digital Support
Digital Support

It sounds like you configured 'Hidden Script' password in this application, and if that is what you did, I am afraid there is nothing we can do to recover it, as Qlik has a policy of not doing this given we have no means of knowing for sure who created the script, and we would not want to unlock something someone else did and has the intellectual property for etc. 

As a best practice, I would probably recommend doing a Script Export on your scripts and storing those in a secure location that only you have access to as well such that if you forget a password again, you will be able to recreate things at that point in a new qvw file. 

Apologies I do not have better information for you, but hopefully this gives a good path forward. 

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