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Testing new Qlik Sense Webhooks integration with Blendr

Hey guys - was so excited to try out our new Webhooks integration in Qlik Sense SaaS, I put this video together to quickly show you how powerful and awesome it is. I also combined a bit of our Automation Platform, Blendr in the mix. 


Webhooks enable communication between Enterprise applications allowing them to send and receive automated messages from one another when an event is triggered.  In this initial release -  Webhooks can be triggered based on Qlik Sense events you select and call a webhook-enabled application URL of your choice. Current Qlik Sense SaaS events that can kick off a webhook include app creation, reload, deletion, export and published as well as when a user has been created or deleted.  Webhook integration makes it easier to add efficient ,developer-friendly automated workflows to your analytics environment, supporting a true active intelligence strategy.

Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the attached .mp4 file to view on your computer or mobile device.

Mike Tarallo
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Hi @Michael_Tarallo,

Great stuff form the Qlik SaaS team. We longer have to do this using REST connector and the script...

I have however found a small issue with the MS Teams webhook, which has some strict requirements. It requires the body of the message must contain one of the following or both -

1. key/value pair "text":"value"


2. key/value pair "summary":"value".

Since the body of the standard message from Qlik SaaS webhook is just a JSON object with these key pair missing, it returns a error 400 from Teams.

Workaround for anyone who is eager to use it now - Use Power Automate (formally known as MS Flow) and send the webhook to a HTTP endpoint (which is premium connector), and then forward that JSON to Teams (inside "text" : received Nested JSON ).

(Suggestion) For SaaS - Perhaps, just like the ability to add your own headers, allow for how the body should look like, so people can customise the message body for each webhook call. May be provide the JSON object as a variable that people can reference in their message body design, e.g., 

"This is a reload message, see the attached JSON for the details" + @event.message


Looking forward to some more new capabilities, keep up the good work guys.



Please do not forget to the mark the post if you find it useful or provides you the solutions 🙂

Thanks for your contribution Kab! 

Mike Tarallo