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Qlik Alerting Release Notes - October 2021 Initial Release to Service Release 1

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Qlik Alerting Release Notes - October 2021 Initial Release to Service Release 1

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Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help you more proactively monitor your business and take timely action. The mobile app allows existing Qlik Alerting customers to deliver data alerts to users in a secure manner on mobile devices. For more information on Qlik Sense and Qlik Alerting, please visit

Important Changes in QMC for Qlik Alerting Extension

There are some scenarios where it requires to make some virtual proxy settings for the new Security Approach taken by Qlik Alerting Extension.

Please refer to the documentation for configuration of virtual proxy and settings as mentioned in the document as there are some limitations on the Forms authentication, currently we support windows authentication only with this change.

For more help, please visit Qlik Alerting Help Site. These changes are required in October 2021 SR1 version only.

What's new in Qlik Alerting October 2021

New features and enhancements in October 2021 Service Release 1 (Server Version 1.6.1)

  • QAW now supports 10 conditions while setting up the alert, earlier it used to support only 5.
  • Support big list of apps:
    • Clients with a huge number of apps will now be able to fetch the list from the repository API and the performance in fetching the huge number of apps in alerting has been enhanced.
  • Enabled attachment of log file for system alerts for failed status system alerts:
    A log file for the reload when there
    has been a failure, is attached in the email when the triggered email is sent.
  • When user with whom alerts are shared doesn't have access to the app, is now handled in shared alerts with appropriate message in the UI.
  • The clarification text has been added in few areas such as source certificates and system alerts:
    For system alerts which are in in-progress state the clarification text will be displayed as
    in-progress has to be greater or equal to 60 seconds.
    For source certificates, the clarification text has been added to identify the certificates required to add in sources menu. And this is now
    displayed as “client.pem and client_key.pem.
  • Enhanced UI experience by adding sorting on last scan and last triggered dates in data alert inbox table: Using the data alert inbox now user will be to be able to order the table by the last scan date or last triggered date. This enables the user to understand or check what has been scanned/triggered recently.
  • Improved custom notification Handler: It has resolved the conflicts of Subject and Body when you add the subject and toggle over back to default notification template.
  • Added password set field in UsersDetails: Now admin can identify whether the password for the user has been set or not in the user management module.

New features in October 2021 (Server Version 1.6.0)

  • URL redirection support for the Qlik sense Extension: Qlik Alerting now supports proxy/reverse proxy redirections (on IIS or Nginx servers) using the Qlik sense extension
  • Updated terms and conditions for Android users in the mobile app

For detailed information about functionality and deployment, please refer to the Qlik Alerting online help.

Important: Versions of Qlik Alerting from June 2020 onwards require an updated Qlik Sense license, which includes the Qlik Alerting license attribute. Information on how to validate the Qlik Alerting attribute is available in the Qlik Alerting online help


For a detailed and updated list of supported mobile operating systems, devices, and compatibility with Qlik Sense Enterprise, please refer to Qlik Sense system requirements and supported browsers on

System requirements for Qlik Sense

Supported browsers

See the Qlik Sense Enterprise release notes for bug fixes, limitations, and other issues for Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Resolved Defects

Qlik Alerting comes with fixes for the issues described below.

Qlik Alerting October 2021 Service Release 1

Qlik Alerting adds an extra HTTPS to the Dashboard link in the email message

Jira Issue ID: QIAB-368

Description: If an alert is created and includes a sheet from the source then the link in the E-mail message does not work because an extra HTTPS is added to the URL

Security issue - QAW-Possible to bypass rate-limiting in the application by supplying a custom header

Jira Issue ID: QB-9399

Description: If more requests are made than are allowed, the application will respond with "429 too many requests" until the timer resets. However, it is possible to bypass this by using the request header "X- Forwarded-For” and changing the corresponding IP-address.

Security issue - QAW-Privilege escalation by requesting login tokens as any user

Jira Issue ID: QB-9398

Description: Without any security check this API gives tokens to the user so this is breaking the security rule and allowing the user to get the access token without any other security checks.

System Alert Does Not Sent Email in Qlik Alerting

Jira Issue ID: QB-10170

Description: System alerting does not trigger emails sometimes. PI Completed and found an issue in MongoDB query filters, it is not accepting the parenthesis () special character.

QAW Installer not signed

Jira Issue ID: QB-14555

Description: Qlik Altering installer does not appear to be signed as other Qlik client-managed installers. There is no digital signature tab when checking EXE properties.

Compatible UI to handle the section access issue in the test connection

Jira Issue ID: QIA-973

Description: Alerting on premise May 2021 SR1 - Access denied. PI QB-8486 is completed and found an issue in Section access set on the first app retrieved by the GetDocList () method on the engine API.

Qlik Alerting October 2021

History Alerts with more than 1 data point doesn't trigger

Jira Issue ID: QIAB-377

Description: alerts that match the condition are not triggering if the history it’s more than 1 scan.

Share functionality does not replace the owner in table after accepting the invitation

Jira Issue ID: QIAB-847

Description: share does not change the owner info field when the invitation is accepted, then the table is displaying the original owner of the alert.

Some alerts created with QS extension not triggering

Jira Issue ID: QIAB-378

Description: Sometimes when you create an alert from the QS extension with no filters, it’s not triggering properly.

Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive but includes all known major issues and limitations.


  • We are reviewing an issue where a large volume of applications and reload tasks causes timeouts with the connection to Qlik Sense. We recommend that Qlik Alerting be used in scenarios where app numbers are kept below 1000 for the short-term whilst we review the limits and changes necessary to support very large app volume sites. This does not affect large user volumes which are supported. (Issue/Limitation not in Service Release 1)
  • There are some instances where special characters in the virtual proxy prefix for Qlik Sense are not recognized. For example, the test data d/e/v for a virtual proxy prefix is not supported.
  • When an alert, which is linked to a Qlik Sense application, is shared with a user who does not have access to the application, the accept link in the email results in an error message. The record is created and displayed in the user’s list of alerts. However, it will not trigger because it cannot connect to the application with that user’s credentials.

Web user interface

  • The mobile app does not currently switch to landscape mode when the device is turned horizontally.
  • Datetime fields are presenting differently in different browsers. This is the default behavior of the browser, but it might be difficult for a user to understand. For example, the format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MI:SS in Safari.
  • In some browsers, the table is not refreshed when an alert is duplicated. You can refresh the browser and the new record with be shown with (copy) next to it.

Qlik Alerting Mobile app

  • There seem to be some scenarios where the deep links to Qlik Sense mobile (QSM) or to the browser (where QSM is not installed) do not work fully. This could for example, be caused by special characters in the dimension name.
  • The mobile app deep links to Qlik Sense Mobile do not work correctly on the iPad Pro iOS.


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