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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - October 2022

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Qlik Cloud Release Notes - October 2022

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Oct 27, 2022 8:31:55 AM

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Table of Contents


What's New

Learn about new features and improvements in Qlik Cloud.


Resolved Defects

The following Release Notes cover resolved defects for Qlik Cloud. Solved issues and limitations for Qlik Cloud Services are also listed.

October 2022


Qlik Cloud: Query parameters incorrectly encoded

Fixed a problem where query parameters that were URL encoded and passed as an argument to qlik-cli raw command were incorrectly encoded.


Qlik Cloud Engine: Problem with qualifiers in aggregations

Fixed a problem where aggregation qualifiers (such as total and distinct) were not considering the outer set analysis prescribed by the expression. This has been solved, and all calculations with outer set analysis notation yield correct results.


Qlik Cloud: Web browser title bar shows AppID instead of QlikView app name

Fixed a problem where the title bar for the browser window or tab showed the App ID instead of the QlikView app name. This has been resolved and QlikView apps can now be easily identified when opened in Qlik Cloud.


Qlik Cloud Engine: "Copy to clipboard" missing from the right-click menu

Fixed a problem where Professional users in Cloud did not have access to the "Copy values/selection to clipboard" option from the right-click menu.


Visualizations: HTML tags are shown in tooltip when hovering over charts 

Fixed an issue where HTML tags were visible in tooltips. The tootips were used to show dimension values when hovering over charts. 


Qlik Cloud Enterprise Connectors: DynamoDB restricted access at table level 

Fixed a problem that would cause the connector to fail if the AWS policies restrict access to a table. 


Section access doesn't capture updates to group claims 


Section access based on group membership will now be revalidated if a user logs out and logs in again. 


Qlik Cloud License: Cannot filter users with ID length under 32 characters 

Fixed a problem where filtering assignments by userID did not work if the userID had less than 32 characters. 


Qlik Cloud Reporting: Problem with date and time formats when exporting timestamp data 

Fixed a problem where the timestamp field export on Excel did not have the correct date and time formats. 


Qlik Cloud Alerting Services: Creating alerts not working when label is missing 

Fixed a problem that prevented creating alerts. The issue was caused by labels not being treated as labels when surrounded by square brackets. 


Qlik Cloud: TenantID enforced as a parameter

Fixed a problem where the /users/actions/count API endpoint was incorrectly enforcing that a tenantID be provided as an input parameter. This is now an optional parameter, as specified in the API documentation.


Qlik Cloud Engine: No option in the Hub to export an app that has Section Access

Fixed a problem that prevented app owners in personal space and producers, facilitators, and space owners in a shared space from exporting apps with Section Access.


Qlik Engine: QVD LOAD with CrossTable prefix crashes

Fixed a problem that occasionally caused a QVD LOAD with CrossTable prefix to crash.



Qlik Cloud Hub: Incorrect error message appears when creating a space with a duplicate name

Fixed a problem that showed an incorrect error message when a user tried to create a space with a name already in use. If a duplicate name is used, the error message shown is: "A space with that name already exists. Please choose another name".


Qlik Sense Engine: "Invalid visualization" error message shown on some apps

Fixed a problem where incomplete layout data was being passed from the Qlik Engine, resulting in the error message "Invalid visualization - The visualization was not found on the server" being shown. This occurred even for built-in visualizations.


Qlik Enterprise Connectors: No error shown for Datasource server connection failures

The "Unable to connect to database" error message was not shown when the connection failed. Instead, the data load hung. This was fixed by changing the way the Gateway header response is handled.


Qlik Cloud: Update IdP configuration information text

Updated the information text on Claims Mapping to clarify how it works, including support for JSON pointers.


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