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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.3

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Qlik Gold Client for ERP Release Notes - 8.7.3

Last Update:

Jan 26, 2023 7:10:37 AM

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Sep 2, 2022 4:57:22 PM


Table of Contents


The following release notes describes new functionality and fixes in Qlik Gold Client for ERP version 8.7.3

What's new in Qlik Gold Client for 8.7.3

Gold Client Core Component

GCSK900123       GoldClient FB  ## 20220901: Release 8.7.3 for basis >= 7.00


  •  MCONFIG descriptions now appear when logged in with non-English languages  (QGCB-183)

  •  Client Construct no longer generates a 999 job if all files were created successfully (QGCB-178)

  •  Data Framework screen changed to use CALL TRANSACTION instead LEAVE TO TRANSACTION (QGCB-177)

  •  Intelligent Slice containers now use the next available number for their scenario number (QGCB-176)

  • Resolved ABAP dump in CL_COS_UTILITIES method IS_S4H on non-S4 systems (QGCB-171)

  • Key Split functionality now available for all Data Echo Datatypes (QGCB-169)

  •  Export Control >UI fixes (QGCB-164)

  • Static News Widget  updated with Qlik branding (QGCB-161)

  • Corrected pop-up screen in ZGOLD > Config upload (JSON) utility  (QGCB-160)

  • News Widget no longer generates TMP files with MacOS (QGCB-159)

  • Redundant New File created messages removed from the Export job log (QGCB-153)

  • Data Transformation Corrections - Transformation allowed for tables that do not share key fields - Client Construct and Derived Transformation no longer write records to Transformation Audit table (/HTG/GLC_TRA_H) (QGCB-148)

  • Client Construct data types with same Transformation Rule can be exported in sequence correctly  (QGCB-147 ) 

  • Transform Blank setting corrected for HR data and Payroll Cluster data (QGCB-146)

  • Record formatting in table /HTG/IMPFILEPROG corrected for data imports (QGCB-145) 

  •  Parallel Processing corrected to allow Key Split functionality with table ACDOCA (QGCB-144)

  • Table Structure Difference logic enhanced to allow import of /1FE Tables (QGCB-143)

  • Removed Data Wave messaging from Client Construct export log (QGCB-139)

  • Increased number of entries that can be manually entered in Data Snap multiple selection screen (QGCB-1)

  • Table Cleanup Utility enhanced to allow individual /HTG tables to be selected  (QGC-485)

  •  Removed Classic View button from Data Echo - Data Framework screen (QGC-475)

  • Resolved Change Pointer logic where program RSNAST00 was not processing imported NAST records (QGC-471)
  • User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_35 generates change pointers based on NAST records imported (QGC-470)
  • User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_36 prevents materials (based on table MEAN) from being imported if EAN11 value already used (QGC-464)
  • Resolved "Specify the key within the work area" error when using Insert by Pattern Functionality in Client Construct (QGC-443)
  • Data Echo Framework now allows more than 8 key fields to be used when connecting tables in a Datatype (QGC-442)
  • Transformation Function Module /HTG/GENERATE_CPF_RANDOM available to replace CPF field (Brazilian Tax Record) with a random value. User Exit /HTG/GLC_UTL_C_34 can be used pre-import to ensure unique CPF values. (QGC-426)
  • Configure Master Data Tables Utility now considers both Y* and Z* custom tables for the YTABLES MASTER DATA and ZTABLES MASTER DATA Client Construct Datatypes (QGC-403)
  • Improved export job log messaging and forced cancellation when Gold Client directory is not available (QGC-338)
  • Data Type Tag configuration now synchronized with the Data Echo Framework whenever Datatypes are deleted (QGC-315)
  • Resolved export job log error message "Table /HTG/CONVEXIT: Jamming detected during change operation" (QGC-495 ) 
  • Corrected  Issue for Derived Transformation Rule Type when Target fields are cleared if tables have same key fields ( QGCB-190) 
  • Installation/Setup Utility (Configure MD Tables) no longer adds inactive Z tables to Client Construct Framework (QGCB-185) 
  • Text Description added for MCONFIG EXECUTE_MODIFY_SQL_STATEMENT (QGCB-188) 
  • Data Transformation Setup Configuration now only allows one user to edit Transformation Rules at a time.  Other users will receive a screen locking message (QGC-502)


Gold Client Finance Balance Recalculation

GCSK900124       GoldClient FBR ## 20220901: Release 8.7.3 for basis >= 7.00

  • No changes

Gold Client HR Utilities

GCSK900125       GoldClient HRH ## 20220901: Release 8.7.3 for basis >= 7.00

  • No changes

Gold Client APO Utilities

GCSK900126       GoldClient APO ## 20220901: Release 8.7.3 for basis >= 7.00

  • No changes

Install and upgrade documentation

For install and upgrade documentation, please see 


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