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Qlik ODBC Connector for QlikView Release Notes - September 2021 Initial Release to Patch 1

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Qlik ODBC Connector for QlikView Release Notes - September 2021 Initial Release to Patch 1

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This release of the standalone Qlik ODBC Connector Package for QlikView contains significant updates to most of the included connectors.

The Qlik online help provides full documentation of the ODBC Connector Package.

What's new in Qlik ODBC Connector for QlikView - September 2021

September 2021

All included ODBC drivers have been updated to the latest available versions. This delivers new functionality, enhanced stability, and improved performance.

The new general bulk reader option can optimize load performance. We recommend enabling this option for larger datasets, because it allows larger portions of data to be included in each iteration within a load. You can set the maximum length of string fields, which can be used to limit the allocation of unnecessary resources.

Other significant updates can be found in the following connectors:

  • Amazon Redshift: Added the option to select ‘query processing mode’ for performance tuning.

  • Google BigQuery:

o Added the option to use a P12 private key file with a non-standard password.
o Added new options for large tables. Responses larger than 10 GB (compressed) require a

dataset to be built in the Google BigQuery environment, where a temporary table will be


  • MongoDB: Removed beta status. Added the option to enable SSL and upload certificates, added

    support for MongoDB Atlas.

  • Teradata: Added authentication options for LDAP or TD2.

    Additionally, the following new connectors were added:

  • Amazon Athena: Provides access to data in S3 via the Amazon Athena query service.

  • Azure Synapse: Provides the same connectivity as an Azure SQL Database.

  • Databricks: Provides access to Databricks Workspace clusters and SQL endpoints (using Apache


September 2021 Patch 1

Google BigQuery Connector:

Fixed issue with Null values to be properly represented as blank, instead of a dash character.


Known issues and limitations

There are no issues and limitations identified at the time of release.


Upgrade notes

It is important that you make a backup of the site before upgrading, to be able to recover the site if the upgrade fails.

The Qlik ODBC Connector package installs from the file QlikOdbcConnectorPackage_setup.exe. See the Qlik Connectors section of the online help for detailed installation instructions.

Note that if any previous version of the Qlik ODBC Connector package is installed on the system, it must be uninstalled before the new version can be installed.

If you intend to use the Qlik ODBC Connector package on a system with Qlik Sense Desktop, it must be installed after you installed Qlik Sense Desktop.


System requirements notes

Please refer to the System requirements for QlikView section of the online help for up-to-date information about system requirements and browser support.

This ODBC Connector package (6.149) is compatible with QlikView 12.20 and later.



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