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QlikView Release Notes - May 2022 Initial Release to Service Release 1

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QlikView Release Notes - May 2022 Initial Release to Service Release 1


Table of Contents


The following release notes cover the versions of QlikView released in May 2022. 


QlikView May 2022 IR


What’s new in QlikView May 2022

New function for key driver analysis

The function MutualInfo() calculates the mutual information between two fields.

New option for container objects

It is now possible to hide tabs in the container object. The object will show the first non-hidden object.

Mekko chart total on top

The Mekko chart can now show totals on top of each segment stack.

QVF support

Support for the QVF file format was introduced already in the May 2021 version. With the May 2022 version the QVF format will be the default file format for new documents. The old QVW file format will still work and will be the default save format for existing QVWs.

If a server has two documents with the same base name but different extensions, the QVW will be inactivated. The meta and shared files will however be used also by the QVF.

There is no cross-compatibility between QlikView QVF files and Qlik Sense QVF files.


The QlikView Server services have been upgraded to .NET 4.8.

Persisted Doc Admin cache

Previously, the Doc Admin cache was just in memory and was erased if the QlikView Management Service was restarted. Now the cache is persisted in a database.

Email Alerts for the Tasks finished with warning

Previously, the QlikView Server have had the functionality to send an email alert if any of the tasks would fail on the reload. Now we have added possibility to also include tasks that finished with warnings.

Log collector tool

The 'Log collector' tool developed by the Qlik Support has now been integrated into the QlikView Management Console. For a clustered environment, there are some limitations: Only the logs from QlikView Server and QlikView Distribution Service are collected.

Source document tracking

The user document, created in a Loop and Reduce process, now contains information about the task name and last execution time. This is found in the document support information.


This release addresses several bugs. See below under “Resolved Issues”.


System requirements

The system requirements for this release can be found under “System requirements” on the Qlik help web site.

Upgrade notes

There are no upgrade notes for this release.

Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive; it does however list all known major issues and limitations.

Qvp links can no longer be used in a browser

In previous versions, it has been possible to use links beginning with ‘qvp://’ to access QlikView files from a browser. This is no longer possible. Such links however still work when used by QlikView Desktop.

CutePDF does not always work in clustered environments

Issue ID: QV-23452

Due to a 3rd party limitation in CutePDF, not supporting UNC paths, it is not possible to print reports when using clustered nodes on Windows 2012.


Resolved issues IR

QlikView May 2022 comes with fixes for the issues listed below.


QlikView Server with IIS upgrade no longer reverts the password for service user settings

Issue ID: QV-20964

Fixed an issue where a QlikView Server 12.60 upgrade could revert the password for service user settings.

Field disappears after replacing a field using Sheet Properties >> Objects tab

Issue ID: QV-21062

Fixed an issue where changing the list box properties/definitions in the object page of Sheet Properties, could cause the listbox on the sheet to disappear.

Incorrect sorting in drop down select list boxes

Issue ID: QV-21252

Solved an issue for drop down select list boxes where the list did not follow the selected sort criteria of the object or the field.

QlikView Ajax Client: Short name for Wednesday corrected for Japanese language

Issue ID: QV-21394

Fixed an issue where the Japanese weekday Wednesday was displayed like 水曜 instead of 水 in the AJAX/Webview Calendar object.

Better handling of column/row sizes in containers (AJAX)

Issue ID: QV-21820

Solved an issue where the Grid Container did not render the right end object properly in AJAX/Webview.

12.50 and 12.40 Selected Field is cleared by reload

Issue ID: QV-21822

Fixed an issue where the selected field was cleared by reload.

Incorrect redirection upon failed login attempt

Issue ID: QV-21851

Introduced protection against phishing attempts to solve an issue where an attacker could maliciously poison the back= parameter.

QV Server not working with IIS and OnDemand AddOn

Issue ID: QV-21879

Newtonsoft.dll removed from webserver/IIS installation to fix an incompatibility between newer versions of QlikView Ajax Client when run in IIS and On-Demand Add-On.

Unexpected objects appear after selecting Copy Object with IE Plugin

Issue ID: QV-22161

Fixed an issue where the sheet objects could be rendered twice with different/wrong zoom factor on screen.

QlikView Ajax Client: Lock icon not displayed

Issue ID: QV-22214

Fixed an issue where a Listbox with selection style "Windows checkboxes" and "Always one selected" checked, did not show a lock icon.

Straight Table column order in server

Issue ID: QV-22262

Straight Table column order in server is now the same as in desktop.

Variable Errormode not working as expected in QlikView 12.50SR4

Issue ID: QV-22297

Fixed an issue where the variable Errormode was not working as expected in QlikView 12.50SR4.

PDF Report of grid-like objects in 12.60 has wrong scale

Issue ID: QV-22303

Fixed an issue where grid-like objects, for example Table Box and Straight Table, could appear to be twice the size larger in PDF format.

QlikView Ajax Client: "Copy cell value to Clipboard" doesn't always work

Issue ID: QV-22351

Solved an issue where "Copy cell value to Clipboard" did not work.

QlikView Desktop : Set correct font size of Input Text Box on selection

Issue ID: QV-22354

Fixed an issue in QlikView Desktop where the active text font size on Input Box selection was almost unreadable.

Sybase ASE ODBC driver failing to reload in 12.50 SR2

Issue ID: QV-22355

Solved an issue where Sybase ASE failed to reload due to passwords with non-alphanumeric characters. The password must to be surrounded with quotation marks.

QlikView Desktop : Export all data correctly from straight table to excel file

Issue ID: QV-22356

Fixed an issue in QlikView Desktop where some of the column data from a straight table was missing from the output when the "Export to Excel" feature had been used.

QlikView Ajax Client cannot be embedded in iframe

Issue ID: QV-22368

Solved an issue where QlikView Ajax Client could not be embedded in an iframe.

Webfile in WinApi mode stream-lined for https access

Issue ID: QV-22390

HTTPS certificates are now accepted similarly to non-WinAPI mode. Also added parameter WebFileAllowInsecureCert to settings.ini.

Scatter chart with values on datapoint could sometimes show wrong values

Issue ID: QV-22391

Fixed an issue where a Scatter chart with values on datapoint sometimes could show wrong values and cause an exception resulting in "Drawing of chart failed" in Windows but causing a crash in Qlik Cloud.

Reports fail to print after upgrading to 12.60 on Windows 2012.

Issue ID: QV-22394

Solved an issue for the Export to PDF action parameter 'PDF Printer Name' and added 'DefaultPDPrinterName' to make it possible to specify the name of a default PDF printer.

Horizontal stacked bar chart static max fix

Issue ID: QV-22397

Fix for horizontal stacked Bar Charts where some elements could fall outside the shown area and cause faulty rendering.

Crash on repeated operations on expression

Issue ID: QV-22400

Fixed an issue where QlikView could crash and show unstable behavior caused by a stack overflow error due to recursive functions.

Columns in excel file while export are grouped together

Issue ID: QV-22407

Solved an issue where the list separator to generate the Excel file did not reflect the system's regional settings, which could lead to columns in the Excel file being grouped together.

Export to Excel changes number format

Issue ID: QV-22413 (Please upgrade to SR2 to resolve this completely)

When using customized number format in expressions, the exported number could have wrong format because some of the special formats could not be convert to Excel formats. These are now exported as TEXT.

Unable to lease license when using Alternate Identity

Issue ID: QV-22449

Solved an issue where a license could not be leased when using Alternate Identity while logged on to QlikView Server with an account not configured with Professional access.

QlikView Ajax Client: Screen freeze when right click on dropdown list in multibox

Issue ID: QV-22450

Fixed an issue where the screen could freeze when interacting with the dropdown list in a Multibox.

QlikView Ajax Client: Container dropdown gets a new appearance after selection

Issue ID: QV-22469

Dropdown content could be invisible if font color in container was set to white.

Reload containing macro fails in command line reload

Issue ID: QV-22487

Command line reload for scripts using macros now works provided the “/nosecurity” switch is used.

QlikView Ajax Client: Page Unresponsive when last column has 0 width

Issue ID: QV-22556

A last column with zero width caused an infinite loop and made page unresponsive.

QVS : Report is not printed in Windows 2012

Issue ID: QV-22567

Fixed an issue where the setting to indicate the default printer in Settings.ini did not reflect what QVS expected.

Report's paper size matches that of configured printer

Issue ID: QV-22576

When a report is generated from the Access Point, its paper size will now be according to printer settings configured in QVS.

QlikView image bundle shows black squares instead of image

Issue ID: QV-22581

Fixed an issue where some images were shown as black squares.

QlikView Desktop : Correct font size of Input Text Box on selection

Issue ID: QV-22631

Solved an issue where the font size of the selected text could be decreased for higher zoom settings. The font of the selected text is now set to the correct size.


QlikView May 2022 SR1


What’s new in QlikView May 2022 SR1

Support for HSTS has been added for the QlikView Management Console 

TTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is a policy mechanism that helps to protect websites against man-inthe-middle attacks such as protocol downgrade attacks and cookie hijacking.

QlikView Desktop dialog box opens on existing monitor

In previous versions, a dialog opens off-screen if it at a prior time was used on a second monitor. This has
now been changed. The dialog is now moved so that at least a part of it is visible on the existing monitor.

RC4 encryption can be turned off

There is now the possibility to disable the RC4 encryption and only use AES128. The benefit is stricter
security, however with the limitation that the 'Open In Server' command cannot be used on some Windows
versions due to limitations in these operating systems. This also prevents all use of the QlikView IE Plugin
client on these operating systems.
To disable the RC4 encryption, you need to make changes in the configuration files. See the following support


System requirements

The system requirements for this release can be found under “System requirements” on the Qlik help web site.


Upgrade notes

There are no upgrade notes for this release.

Known issues and limitations

The following issues and limitations were identified at release time. The list is not comprehensive; it does however list all known major issues and limitations.

Qvp links can no longer be used in a browser

In previous versions, it has been possible to use links beginning with ‘qvp://’ to access QlikView files from a browser. This is no longer possible. Such links however still work when used by QlikView Desktop.



Resolved issues SR1

QlikView May 2022 SR1 comes with fixes for the issues listed below.


QVS crashed intermittently under heavy load and interaction

Issue ID: QV-22417

Multiple additional synchronizations and safeguards have been introduced to safely handle sharing sessions
attaching and detaching. Shared object with linked (replicated) object type changes have been restricted to
safe combinations.

Installation files left in temporary folder

Issue ID: QV-22734

Installers sometimes leave .msi files under C:\windows\Installer\, which could result in a security problem. This
is now fixed, so that administrator rights are needed to access them.

Rows are shifted in the table

Issue ID: QV-22761

Fix is done so the rows are not shifted anymore in the table.

Access Point log out button doesn’t work

Issue ID: QV-22992

Access Point log out issue that occurs when the QVWS is deployed on a separate machine than QVS. The
provided fix has taken the active QVS node from the cluster and read the authentication level to perform

X-Axis Combo chart expressions text overlapping

Issue ID: QV-22999

Fixed calculation for using staggered texts when the Text on Axis option is used.

Section Access documents used with QSE SaaS are listed on AccessPoint

Issue ID: QV-23071

When Section Access contains "QLIKCLOUD" entry, the document will be listed in AccessPoint also for users
that are not allowed to open the document. This change fixes the issue.

Dimension title shown as ellipsis with Edge and Chrome AJAX

Issue ID: QV-23132

Changes done to avoid ellipsis in Pivot table box header area while scrolling.

License information exposed via public URL

Issue ID: QV-23188

Debug information for the licenses.exe process, including memory address details and stack traces, were
exposed via public URL. This information is now no longer available.

LinEst calls with fixed intercept return incorrect values

Issue ID: QV-23208

The entire LinEst function family had problems when calculating with fixed intercept, and many statistical
outputs were entirely invalid. The calculations have been corrected and now conform with Excel calculations.
QlikView May 2022 Release notes 10

Current selections window Lock/Unlock icon not visible

Issue ID: QV-23381

Icons for Lock/Unlock button was missing in QlikView Ajax client. This is now fixed.

Numeric values in scientific format

Issue ID: QV-23421

The numeric scientific values should be right aligned in the exported excel sheet. This is now fixed.

Unnecessary check boxes shown in list box

Issue ID: QV-23510

QlikView Ajax Client: With "Hide excluded" and state "Excluded" for a row, the row shouldn't have a checkbox.
This is now fixed.

Considering full file path to highlight duplicate QlikView apps

Issue ID: QV-23517

In the case of the same document in two different files – one qvw and one qvf – the qvw should be regarded
as non-active. This was however not the case when upper case was used in one field and lower case in the
other. This has now been fixed.

Not possible to use SLK license for two separate QlikView versions

Issue ID: QV-23558

The QVS is shown as Off Duty when it joins a cluster with a different version using SLK. If the SLK allows it,
the second and subsequent servers should be active, also if the servers don’t run the same version. This has
now been fixed.

Not possible to reload a QVF document containing macros

Issue ID: QV-23577

QlikView 12.70 fails to reload if the document contains a macro. This has now been fixed.

Qlik Sense Licensing: Offline Signed License Definition (SLD) did not work

Issue ID: QB-10670

Fixed an issue where Signed License Definition (SLD) tried to fetch information in offline mode if the delayed
sync had expired.


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