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Qlik Cloud Reporting – Improving Table Presentation

With Qlik Cloud Native Subscriptions and advanced report composition with Qlik Reporting Service / Qlik Application Automation, we are seeing growth in the adoption of reports based on Qlik Sense Apps.  In fact, our experience with Qlik NPrinting tells us that many customers will create Qlik Sense Apps that are tailored by way of sheets and objects for reporting output.   It has been identified that the interactive nature of a Qlik Table and Pivot Table would benefit from more style control when transitioning to printing on Qlik Cloud.  The Product roadmap will introduce a new Table and Pivot Table in the future that offers better control of style elements and Qlik will continue to refine the transition from interactive mode to report mode with more cloud updates in the future.   

In the meantime, some of our Qlik reporting SME’s collaborated to create a theme that offers reports from cloud a more professional table presentation.  The attached theme can be deployed to an app that is specific for reporting in Qlik Cloud.  It uses an explicit set of attribute definitions to remove interactive elements and clean-up the table for visual reporting.  While this theme is not officially supported, the Qlik team will be monitoring releases for any changes to the existing Straight Table and Pivot Table and look to update the theme if needed.   If you start to use this theme, please hit "Subscribe" to get notifications, we will update the theme if necessary due to changes in coming releases of Qlik Cloud.  We will continue to monitor this community post and theme until a time at which “like” capability is offered with new visualizations on Qlik Cloud.   

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Contributor II

Qlik is aware of the need for improved table presentation and style control when transitioning from interactive mode to printing on Qlik Cloud. They have identified that the current interactive nature of Qlik Table and Pivot Table could benefit from enhanced style elements. To address this, Qlik has planned updates to their product roadmap.

In the future, Qlik will introduce a new Table and Pivot Table that will provide better control over style elements, allowing users to customize the appearance of their tables in a more refined manner. Additionally, Qlik will continue to refine the transition from interactive mode to report mode with ongoing updates to Qlik Cloud.

These updates aim to enhance the overall reporting experience for users who create Qlik Sense Apps tailored for reporting output, improving the presentation and style options when printing or generating reports using Qlik Cloud Native Subscriptions and the Qlik Reporting Service / Qlik Application Automation.

Please note that specific details regarding the new Table and Pivot Table features and the exact timeline for these updates may be available through Qlik's official documentation, product announcements, or by reaching out to their customer support for the most up-to-date information.       YourTexasBenefits Application