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How to properly design concurrent users testing for up to 300 concurrent users?


We have a Qlik Sense environment where we are anticipating up to 300 concurrent users. The idea is to test how our Qlik Sense environment copes with up to this many users at any one time.

How can we appropriately configure a scalability test for handling this many users?

We are going to test on an app that closely resembles the Production environment

The typical user arrival pattern will be:

  1. log in
  2. go to the Everyone stream
  3. open app
  4. "think" time of 45 seconds
  5. select something(could be one to 5 values from a field)
  6. think further for 45 seconds
  7. Navigate to different sheet
  8. Clear selections
  9. Select something else (could be one to 5 values form a field)
  10. "think" time of 45 seconds
  11. Navigate to a different sheet
  12. "think" time of 45 seconds
  13. Select something from another field
  14. "think" time of 45 seconds
  15. Clear selections
  16. Close the app

We want to add 20 users at a time if that's possible with scalability testing? If yes, how to configure it? If no, what is the best way to realistically test loading 300 users for concurrent testing?


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Hey @jblomqvist , 20 users at a single point in time is not going to be recommended as there are boundaries ( at 6 users/second. What I'd do is the following:

  • Design your scenario
  • Ramp up time of 2-5 seconds
  • Go to the Test Scheduler and build a few of these to kick off at once which will get you a higher ramp up (be sure to change the username prefix so you don't have multiple users doing different things with the same userid as you're not trying to test that)



Hello Levi,

Useful information! Do you have any recommendations on how I design the test to load up 300 concurrent users? Do I load up 50 tests using the Test Schedular where each test loads 6 users? (300/6 = 50).

Wondering how to get to this number of concurrent users as I have never tested up to this number before.



I would recommend to not have a higher rampup than 1 new user per second. The boundary of 6/s is to ramp them up (creating them). That boundary is on the product and not on the tools so having more instances that each creates 6/s will not help pushing it further.
That would mean 1 script with 300 concurrent users and RampupDelay of 1 (or preferably higher). You might need to split the script into several parts if 300 is too much for one instance of the tools to handle.


Hi sfg,

Thanks for the info.



Does the above config look OK if I wanted to do concurrent testing for 250 users?



Yes that looks like it should run ok. Of course the scenario will impact how it runs (but that looked reasonable too) and you need to have required amount of licenses etc.