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Creator III
Creator III

"The operation has timed out" message showing sometimes in the Executor logs?

Hi all,

Sometimes I can see the message "The operation has timed out" when a scenario is running.

Can anyone please explain what this relates to?

My scenario is fairly standard, open app, open sheet, make selections, clear actions. The app has DAR design type layout with some dashboard sheets, more detailed data sheets, and big data tables at the end for deep analysis. My scenario has opening many of these types of sheets.

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This means the server did not answer within the timeout specified in your script. Did you remember to add "think times" (timerdelay) after changesheet, selects etc to simulate the time the user takes before making the next click? If not you would basically do a denial-of-service attack. Other reasons could be the data model, amount of data in the app or server resources available. Did you have a look how the resources look on the server, e.g. using task manager, while running the test?

Other reasons could be network latency, firewalls etc.