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Creator III
Creator III

Is there a way to create a security rule condition to include a date or a validity period?

Qlik Sense released custom banner feature in November 2022 version. I love custom banners but they seems to be missing one component - the duration period. I'm looking for a way to make banners be enabled for a set period of time and then automatically be disabled.

Does anyone know if there's a way to setup a security rule condition that would automatically stop permitting access to a custom banner message after some date? Something like this:

Today() <= Date(2023, 11, 03)
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@mbespartochnyy, so there are for sure a few ways to reach your goal but not out of the box with how custom properties and security rules are currently designed to work.

Security rules do not have a less than or greater than evaluation for the conditions, see the documentation here

Additionally, there is no documentation indicating Security Rules are designed to evaluate date values, even reviewing the API documentation I have not found any parameters with a date value listed as security accessible.

If you would like to suggest the idea you can read the process to suggest the improvement here

Lastly, if you want to try coding a solution you can review our API Documentation

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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

@mbespartochnyy  Did you manage to solve this?


@Nick_Asilo What ways are there that are not out of the box? Could you please describe any of them?