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Promoting large apps from one environment to another (i.e. TEST to PRODUCTION).

Traditionally, we have been exporting the app from the lower environment into a file share and then importing in the new environment.  That seems to work fine until we get to apps that are very large (> 1GB).  Then it takes a long time and sometimes will simply not work at all.

There is an option to “export without data” so we tried using that.  However, we’ve been experiencing issues when using that functionality.  After we promote and reload using the without data feature, users will go to the hub and try to open the app and it will just spin for a while and then present an error “An Error Occurred:  Connection to the Qlik Sense engine failed for unspecified reasons.  Refresh your browser or contact your system administrator.”

What we’ve been doing to get around this is to ask the developer to save the model with no data and then exporting the file as normal. 

We need to come up with a standard process on how to move apps (both small and large) that is reliable and relatively easy to do.  Any suggestions?

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Which QlikSense version are you using?

There isn't an official qlik tool to do that but maybe you can use an extension like this: Qlik Sense Event-driven Cross-site App Promoter or Qlik Sense QMC Utilities


April 2019

server: 13.21.1