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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Session inactivity timeout - different for professional and Capacity analyzer


is here some option how to set for analyzer capacity license user different Session inactivity timeout (10 min) than for user with professional license (default 30 min)?


I need it for our case when app is reloaded each 15 min and app reload extend session inactivity timeout. If I left the capacity license to reload for 30 minutes, the license would be used up if the user did not log out. Reload is considered as a user activity.

Is here some way how to deal with it?

User with professional license doesn´t want to be logged out every 10 minutes.

Thank you for ideas

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In multi-node enviroment maybe you can create a Load Balancing rule to send Professional users on a specific node with 30m timeout set in virtual proxy, and Analyzers on another node with 10m timeout set in virtual proxy.

On a single node enviroment i'm not sure if it's possible. Because timeout it's set on the Node Virtual Proxy not on the user atributes.

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