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A more logical and centrally controlled home page for business users


A more logical and centrally controlled home page for business users

In our organization, we find it very hard in Qlik Sense Saas to get our business users to understand (without help) the home page as it in no way helps them out as to get an overview of the content or where to find what. If they by themselves find out that "Catalog" contains the data, it is still difficult for them to get an overview of the content as the apps in each space constantly shifts around all dependent on which app has been updated most recently. This is confusing for many of our users.

What we would like to have is a front/home page that looks exactly the same for every business users and could consist of the managed spaces that we have created. That alone would make it intuitive for the user to access, as they would instantly meet concepts (names of the spaces) that are known to them. Right now, a new users meets nothing that is familiar to them - just a new system that they do not know how to navigate without help.

We would like the front/home page to be controllable centrally (by the tenant admin), so that we are able to control what is presented to all users. Today, that is not possible. Qlik Sense Saas is designed so that the business user can design his/her own interface which can be good for the advanced user but not for the new user who gets lost in the current Qlik Sense Saas interface.

I would like to know if this is an issue that Qlik is aware of and perhaps are looking into possible solutions to? For our organization, this design of Qlik Sense Saas causes big problems with user adoption and thus makes us consider if Qlik Sense Saas is reallly the right solution for our organization.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Yes, the first thing I do with any new user in the SaaS environment is to show them how to customise the home screen and set up Collections with the apps they actually want to see when they log in. This isn't scalable if you have hundreds or thousands of users - I agree there should be a way to give people a customised starting point - whether it's centralised collections or something linked to permissions/roles or whatever this would really help.

The onboarding process seems really tailored to the first few users and power consumers logging in, not just some "guided analytics" users wanting to find the app(s) they need for their day job. 


This is also great feedback for the onboarding tours, which maybe sound like could be better tailored for analytics end users.