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About NULL data display of chart (straight table)

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

About NULL data display of chart (straight table)


By default, it is recognized that NULL is not displayed in the chart.
In Case # 00027052, we received a reply that NULL is displayed when chart display creation is prioritized.

However, depending on the selection, the null data may or may not be displayed, resulting in inconsistent behavior.
I will attach a reference QVW file.

In Case # 00027052, the following answer was given from the development department.
This is as designed. The null row is the result of a potential many-to-many relation in the data model (it may be achieved with joins etc. as well) where no primary key exists. it is not part of the data-set itself and as such it is not affected by selections.
However, it is possible to hide/omit this row by enabling the "Omit Rows Where Field is Null" option for the relevant field(s) in the Table Box.

From here, in the chart, NULL is not considered part of the dataset, so the selection has no effect and the display looks like this one.
Even if it appears as a difference, what kind of behavior is it because the handling of NULL data in the chart is not defined by the design.
I understood that it was as designed.

Could you improve the handling of null data by designing it so that the behavior of the chart is consistent when there is null?

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