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Allow Qlik Sense Desktop to be install for all users on PC


Allow Qlik Sense Desktop to be install for all users on PC

Currently, if user1 installs Qlik Sense Desktop, then the default location is not available if user2 logs into the same PC. It would be helpful to be able to install for all users so that the second user does not need to install the app again and all the QVF files from user1 are available to user2.

This could be an optional feature in the installer.

The reason for this change is to solve a problem I had as a Qlik consultant. I was at a client site and logged into the laptop to continue the work that had been started by my colleague. However, I could not access the QVF files and I was not able to do the work.

Barnaby Dunn
BI Consultant

Hmm, I wonder if this will create a security issue with licenses...


Hi @barnabyd we actually looked at this scenario years ago. The way how the product works, loading Apps into memory and having them assigned to users does not allow for such a scenario. As then it becomes more like a Server. The Engine exists only once per user and can't be used like a Sense Server installation. If we would want to allow for this, we have to change a lot and this is where our decision was made to not support that use case where you can install the Desktop for all users on a PC.

I'm sorry that I do not have a better answer for you.

Best regards,


@Meghann_MacDonald FYI

Status changed to: Closed - Declined