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Ask Insights Question button confusion

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Ask Insights Question button confusion



I have found that our Qlik Sense students and customers always click on the wrong button inside "Insights" area after they have typed in their question to the Insight Advisor.  They tend to type their question and then click on the purple "Generate Insights" button and does not see the arrow button to click on.  It then ignores their question and look at the entire data set or filtered set to generate insights (obviously due to the fact that they have clicked on the wrong button).  But the button / action design is not that obvious to new Insights users.

My suggestion would be to better distinguish between the two options within Insights - perhaps with a dropdown option or an extra window to first ask what they would like to do.  Alternatively to add a similar button (to "Generate Insights") just below / or on the right-hand side of the question box.



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The prominence of the "Generate Insights" button has been changed with the new Insight Advisor UI in Qlik Cloud. This will come to other versions of Qlik Sense in the future.

Status changed to: Delivered